Video Showing 9 Months Of Life In The Womb Within Minutes Is Just Breathtaking!

Some people claim to remember being in their mother’s womb. Most of us do not. We know so much about how babies come into being and how they grow during the nine months they spend in the womb. This video is about 4 minutes long and shows us all the changes we went through to come into this world!

We start at conception with the sperm traveling and finding the egg and cell division and growth begins! The video shows the growth of fingers and toes and all the other body parts. We see neurons making connections. We see the tiny heart beat and eventually how the baby bounces around in mommy’s tummy.

Giving a birth is the noblest gift on Earth, and carrying a baby is considered a real miracle. This video is an accurate video presentation of the entire process. You are about to witness a real miracle!

Source: FaithPanda