Clear a Stuffy Nose in Only 2 Minutes with This Simple Trick! Find out How!

As winter approaches and temperatures gradually drop, cold viruses start to attack the helpless victims. It seems that the sneezing passerby follows you wherever you go, right? Even though people load up on vitamin C, gargle with salt water, and take Echinacea tablets in order to stay healthy, this vicious cold starts to happen every year at the same time. First, there comes the scratch in the throat. Then, the ache in the sinuses quickly follows. Very soon, you find yourself suffering from the cruel cold that nothing seems to be able to cure.

However, the dreaded stuffed up nose is definitely one of the most frustrating symptoms of the vicious cold. It seems that no matter what you do and how often you blow your nose, there is no way you can clear the sinuses. The main causes contributing to this problem are the sinus inflammation as well as the increased mucus production linked to the upper respiratory viruses.

The good news is that this article offers a sweet relief! We are talking about a very simple breathing exercise which works for about 85% of people suffering from cold. This method is extremely effective in alleviating congested nasal passages. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require any equipment and it will take you only TWO minutes.  Finally, it doesn’t even require the use of neti pot. In case decongestants, saline spray, a humidifier, warm compress, or draining the sinuses fail to alleviate your symptoms, give this simple yet effective trick a try!

Note: It is recommended to consult your doctor first, in order to make sure that it is nothing serious but only a simple cold.

In order to perform this trick, adhere to the following instructions:

  • Grip your nose and hold your breath.
  • Keep gripping your nose and holding your breath while walking around at a brisk pace. Feel free to release your nose and take a breath in case you start feeling dizzy or run out of oxygen. Make sure you don’t hold your breath to the point of discomfort because it is extremely dangerous. In brief, hold your breath until you feel a strong need to breathe.
  • Once you release your nose and take a breath, sit down with your spine kept straight up. Chin up, shoulders back, and chest out.
  • Make sure you breathe through your nose ONLY! Focus on taking small breaths in through the nose, rather than inhaling deeply. When it comes to exhaling, breathe out deeply and relax your muscles. Allow your muscles to loosen up by relaxing the shoulders and chest.
  • Continue taking smaller and shallower breaths in through the nose. Exhale deeply and focus on relaxing. You should breathe in and out through your nose for 2-3 minutes. The whole point of the exercise is to open the nasal passages as a response to body`s need of air.
  • At this point, your nasal passages are supposed to feel much clearer. Even though you will feel much better, do your best to continue breathing out of your nose.